Hi everyone! We are a brother/sister team, and we absolutely love to tell stories and capture emotion through film and photography. We both have always enjoyed taking photos and video throughout our high school and college years -- taking after our mom who always had a camera in her hand. The older we got the more we realized photography and videography is what we wanted to do,

so we joined forces and became a bro/sis team! 

      Our goal is to make our clients feel as comfortable as possible while producing outstanding, high quality work. We will never settle for okay; we are always pushing the limits and making each video different from the next. Our goal is to capture the memories you create and make them come to life in our films so you can cherish them for the rest of your life. 

      We would love the opportunity to be a part of your day or business, capture it through our eyes, and tell your story.

So a little about me: My name is Miles Thompson and I love making videos, taking photos, eating Mexican food, hugging my wife Margaret and boy Christian and, of course, having a good beer or three every once in awhile. My favorite part of what we do is helping people. Wedding days are supposed to be fun! I love it when we can enhance a couple’s wedding experience by having a good time laughing and getting a little silly. I also take pride and really enjoy working with businesses to help them reach their goals through video and/or photography. I get to help drive more sales and people to their businesses, spread the word, and educate people about an awesome business. If you have no clue what type of video or photo project you would like to do, CALL ME! I love brainstorming and building ideas, and I hope I get the chance to brainstorm with you!

     Being a videographer/photographer has created many new friendships and professional relationships. Those relationships and my family deserve a big thank you for the support and guidance they have given to me and Mack! 

     Please take a look at our latest videos, leave a comment, invite me out for tacos, or call us anytime! 

I'm Mackenzie, and one of my all time favorite things to do is make others smile. I might say some pretty silly things, but if I get a smile out of ya, then hey! I'm happy. I am so incredibly blessed that I get the opportunity to video and photograph the love, happiness, and alllll of the wonderful emotions people experience through out their lives - whether it be your wedding day, with your family, or a fun gathering. Knowing that I am capturing those moments so you can relive them over and over makes my heart smile :) Nothing makes me happier than capturing a couple who is so deeply in love they don't even realize we're there! THAT is why we do what we do. YOU enjoy the moment to its fullest and WE will do our job so you can relive it over and over. 

     When I'm not "working" (let's be real, this job rocks!) I'm with my best friend/fiancé, Spencer, and cuddling with our two beautiful golden pups, Chelsea & Zola. I love working out with my Farrell's friends and spending time with my amazing family! I'm pretty much obsessed with peanut butter m&ms and Pancheros... I never take things too seriously, and I will always surround myself with the ones I love. I'll take happiness, smiles, and laughter any day! That's exactly why I love what I do!

milesandmackenzie@gmail.com || Miles Thompson • Davenport, Iowa • 563-213-8483 || Mackenzie Thompson • Cedar Rapids, Iowa • 319-270-9727

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