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Mackenzie Nash




Mackenzie is our main contact for weddings and portraits. She also works to keep our social media, website, and online content up to date!


On your wedding day, you can catch Mackenzie at your side (not in a creepy way, we promise!...). You VERY RARELY will have to ask.. where's my photographer/videographer?! If she's not by you, she'll most likely catch eye contact with you when you're looking. You can count on Mackenzie when it comes to anything. If you're unsure about something, she'll most likely sense it and be able to find a way to fix it for you. She'll also be saying anything and everything to make you laugh and have a good time. We all want to look natural and happy in our wedding photos/video of course, but we're not used to a camera in our face. Don't worry - that's her job. She'll help you and you'll end up forgetting she's there or at least forget about the camera.

Mackenzie's main goal is to make YOUR vision come to life. It's not about what we "typically do" at weddings. It's YOUR WEDDING! YOUR DAY! Make it YOURS and nobody else's! Okay, sorry we're not yelling, we're just passionate!

When not at weddings, Mackenzie is working to keep our website and social pages active or photographing an engagement, family, or senior session! She also enjoys helping Miles with business videos and/or photos when needed. 

Nash Family


"Hi there! Thanks for checking out our page :) I live in Cedar Rapids and have been here since I was born! Photographing and filming at weddings is for SURE my passion. I can just feel a light in me that flips on the minute I get there... I not only get excited to document such a special day, but I just love helping the day run smooth for you and taking a load off your shoulders so you can just relax and enjoy <3 My goal is to provide you with a stress free experience! I'll do whatever it takes to make sure you have fun and enjoy your day!

     Outside of weddings, I am a wife to my husband, Spencer. We got married in December of 2019, and BOY was it absolutely CRAZY being the bride. I learned SO much from being in the bride's shoes, and I know I'll be able to help other brides have the wedding of their dreams too because of it! No day has gone faster and been such a blur than my wedding day. It made me realize even MORE so how important my job is, and I just want to document EVERY BIT OF YOUR DAY so you can relive it over and over and over. Also.. I can't forget about my pups, Chelsea & Zola (see their cuteness on the left hehe). My husband and pups have my heart, and they all make me so happy. Be prepared though, if you ask about them you'll see way too many pics and videos.

     I'm thankful everyday that Miles and I are able to help others, keep them smiling, and provide a fun/stress free experience for our clients. We absolutely love what we do, and we love making people happy. We're so thankful for all the love and support, and we look forward to growing and providing our best to our clients!"

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