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Miles is our main contact for our business services. If you are looking for a new headshot, video or photo for your social page, a new commercial for your business, or other business video or photo content, he is your guy! 

Miles works to create a stress free experience for you and your business and helps you reach your goals through video, photos, and social media. 

Miles also spends his weekends at weddings either with Mackenzie or on his own. Miles works hard to keep all of our video gear cleaned, charged, and in perfect condition. At your wedding you'll find him making people laugh and running around to make sure everything runs smoothly.


Miles is well known for "saving the day" when something unexpected happens. His ability to think of a new solution fast has created a stress-free experience for many of our business clients and wedding couples!

Thompson Family


"Hey, I'm Miles! I love making videos, taking photos, eating Mexican food, hugging my wife Margaret and two boys Christian & Charlie and, of course, having a good beer or three every once in awhile. My favorite part of what we do is helping people. I love it when I can have a good time laughing and getting a little silly when taking photos with families and graduating seniors. I also take pride and really enjoy working with businesses to help them reach their goals through video, photos, and their social pages. I get to help drive more sales and people to their businesses, spread the word, and educate people about an awesome business. If you have no clue what type of video or photo project you would like to do, CALL ME! I love brainstorming and building ideas, and I hope I get the chance to brainstorm with you!


Being a videographer/photographer has created many new friendships and professional relationships. Those relationships and my family deserve a big thank you for the support and guidance they have given to me and Mack! 


Please take a look at our latest videos, leave a comment, invite me out for tacos, or call us anytime!"

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