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As a brother and sister team, since 2016 it has been our mission to bring your story to life. Based out of Cedar Rapids, Iowa and Davenport, Iowa, we utilize the art of videography and photography to showcase you. We deliver unique, high quality film and photography, every time. 

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     So a little about me: My name is Miles Thompson and I love making videos, taking photos, eating Mexican food, hugging my wife Margaret and two boys Christian & Charlie and, of course, having a good beer or three every once in awhile. My favorite part of what we do is helping people. I love it when I can have a good time laughing and getting a little silly when taking photos with families and graduating seniors. I also take pride and really enjoy working with businesses to help them reach their goals through video, photos, and their social pages. I get to help drive more sales and people to their businesses, spread the word, and educate people about an awesome business. If you have no clue what type of video or photo project you would like to do, CALL ME! I love brainstorming and building ideas, and I hope I get the chance to brainstorm with you!

     Being a videographer/photographer has created many new friendships and professional relationships. Those relationships and my family deserve a big thank you for the support and guidance they have given to me and Mack! 

     Please take a look at our latest videos, leave a comment, invite me out for tacos, or call us anytime!

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     I'm Mackenzie Nash, newly married to my husband, Spencer, and besides loving every thing about this job.. I enjoy spending time with Spencer and our 2 pups, playing games with our neighbor friends, and going out to eat :) 

     I just love making people smile, and that's why this job makes me so happy! I enjoy spending time with families and seniors, capturing new photos for them to hang on their wall, post on their social media, or pass out to their friends. I also love working with and meeting new people. We've been so blessed to be a part of many special events, and we always seem to learn something new along the way! 

     If you're looking for video and/or photo for ANYTHING, please reach out to us!! We want to help, and in this day and age where social media is so important -- we want to help you however we can! Please reach out to us, and we will be more than happy to help you out and hopefully become great friends along the way :)