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HI! Thanks for checking out our website :) Scroll on down to see the faces and learn about the personalities behind the cameras! We spend a LOT of time with the couple on their wedding day, so it's important that you're comfortable with us and know who we are and what we do!

We're a brother and sister team and have enjoyed growing this business since 2016, loving every minute of what we do. Both of us will do whatever it takes to make you smile, laugh, and have a good time so you can feel comfortable in front of the camera. With Miles in the Quad Cities and Mackenzie in Cedar Rapids, we're able to serve more people in different parts of good ol' Iowa and Illinois! We love our hometowns, but we're also happy to travel elsewhere.. in fact we hope you ask us to! No matter where you're located, don't hesitate to reach out to us!




     Hey!!! I'm Miles Thompson. I am Co-Owner & Lead Videographer at Miles & Mackenzie. Working with all you couples is my favorite part of weddings days. Your wedding day is one of the biggest milestones of your life and I want to make sure you LOVE EVERY SECOND and have a BLAST!!

     When I'm not at weddings, I'm prepping all our camera gear making sure it's all clean, organized, and ready to go! Ask Mackenzie, if you put anything back in the wrong spot I'm for sure gonna give you the side eye ;) For me, it's so important to have everything in place, so if something important happens I'm ready! Although we work a lot, family and personal life is important to me too. I'm a husband to my beautiful wife, Margaret, and a father to my sons, Christian and Charlie! I also like to have a good beer or three every once in awhile, especially Blue Moon.. if you have Blue Moon at your wedding we'll probably become best friends!

     On your wedding day, you can catch me dancing with my music or running around to make sure everything goes smoothly! Throughout our years of experience at weddings, we know how important it is to have FUN! Things get stressful and overwhelming at times, but you can count on us to ease your stress and make sure you're smiling and having a good time. Ask my sons, wife, our even our mom.. I'm a goofball, and I'll do whatever it takes to make you smile :) 

     We believe in creating awesome relationships that last a lifetime. We want to not only be your videographer and photographer, but we want to be your friends too! We will laugh, cry, and hug when you celebrate this AMAZING day marrying your best friend. Now lets do this thing and get you MARRIED!!




     Hi there!! I'm Mackenzie, Co-Owner & Lead Photographer at Miles & Mackenzie :) I live in Cedar Rapids and have been here since I was born! Photographing and filming at weddings is for SURE my passion. I can just feel a light in me that flips on the minute I get there... I not only get excited to document such a special day, but I just love helping the day run smooth for you and taking a load off your shoulders so you can just relax and enjoy <3 

     Outside of weddings, I am a new wife to my husband, Spencer. We just got married in December of 2019, and BOY was it absolutely CRAZY being the bride. I learned SO much from being in the bride's shoes, and I know I'll be able to help other brides have the wedding of their dreams too because of it! No day has gone faster and been such a blur than December 28, 2019. It made me realize even MORE so how important this job is, and I just want to document EVERY BIT OF YOUR DAY so you can relive it over and over and over. Also.. I can't forget about my pup pups, Chelsea & Zola. My husband and pups have my heart, and they all make me so happy. Be prepared though, if you ask about them you'll see way too many pics and video.

     On your wedding day, you can catch me at the bride or groom's side (not in a creepy way.. I promise I give you space lol!). You VERY RARELY will have to ask.. where's my photographer/videographer?! If I'm not by you, I'll most likely catch eye contact with you when you're looking. I'm THERE. FOR. YOU! I promise, you can count on me when it comes to AN.Y.THING! I'll also be saying anything and everything to make you laugh and have a good time. We all want to look natural and happy in our wedding photos/video of course, but we're so not used to a camera in our face. Don't worry - that's my job. I'll help you and you'll end up forgetting I'm there or at least forget about the camera.

     My main goal is to make YOUR vision come to life. It's not about me or what I "typically do" at weddings. It's YOUR WEDDING! YOUR DAY! Make it YOURS and nobody else's! I'm here to help you do that!