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Whether it's capturing the love and excitement between a couple when they first see each other on their wedding day or it's grandpa reading a book to his granddaughter in her flower girl dress... we're not there to just get your cookie cutter wedding photos or video. We're there to capture the REAL MOMENTS that happen in REAL TIME so you can look back on this day and see all the REAL LOVE that happened between all the different people on your wedding day. Every love story is DIFFERENT in so many beautiful ways, and it's our job to capture YOUR love for you - not try to recreate someone else's.


We're real people with real emotions too, so don't be surprised if you see us tearing up behind our cameras! We love what we do and we love, love. We'll do whatever it takes to make your wedding day as perfect for you as we can - whether that's giving mom a hug when she needs one, carrying the flower girl's shoes because her feet are tired, re-pinning your veil when it falls out, getting the boutonnieres on (let's be real, nobody knows how to do that!)... no matter what it is: We're there for you! You can count on us, because we're not just your photographers/videographers...

we're your friends - we just have a camera in our hands!

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