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We focus on a stress-free and laid back approach allowing you to truly enjoy the special moments of your day instead of the main focus being on your photos and videos. Of course, the photos and videos are important (that's why we do what we do!), but we don't want to take you away from what's really important on your wedding day (your MARRIAGE and your family and guests). We get what we need/what is most important to you and move on. We won't spend much time on extra/unnecessary posing and "fake" interactions. It's our job to get what really happens on your wedding day and the things you don't get to see: your guests interacting, your grandparents kissing your nephew, your parents tearing up during speeches, and more. It's not our job to create a produced film with actors doing what we say, it's our job to capture the real moments at your wedding that you'll want to cherish forever.

Not only will we provide you with high quality photos and video of your special moments, we'll do whatever it takes to make your wedding day as perfect for you as we can. Whether that's making you laugh when you're stressed, giving mom a hug when she needs one, carrying the flower girl's shoes because her feet are tired, re-pinning your veil when it falls out, getting the boutonnieres on (let's be real, nobody knows how to do that!), and more. No matter what it is: We're there for you! We're not just your photographers/videographers... We're your friends - we just have a camera in our hands! 


Weddings aren't always cheap, so we understand that you have a budget you're trying to stick to. We absolutely respect that you've got a budget, and we promise if you're REAL and open with us about what you're thinking - we'll do what we can to help you out! Just talk to us! In return, we ask that you respect us and what we do :) This is our full time job, and we work very hard to continue to learn and grow for our clients. We also make sure we keep our camera gear up to date so we can use top quality cameras to produce top quality photos and video for our clients! If you book with us, we won't let you down.

Pricing will vary depending on your requests. Video packages start at $3600, Photo packages start at $3600 and Combo packages start at $6500. We are happy to discuss custom packages with you. We require a $800 non refundable booking deposit to book with us. 


Our goal is to send you your photos and/or video as quickly as possible. Our delivery time will vary based off your requests and the time of year. Edit time may take anywhere between a couple weeks to a couple months.


Stay in touch with us on our weddings Facebook and Instagram pages for our most recent work.


Miles & Mackenzie Wedding Photography


Miles & Mackenzie Wedding Photography


Miles & Mackenzie Wedding Photography
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